Airtel joins forces with Ericsson for expansion.

Airtel has entered a three-year deal with Ericsson to help bring modern features and expansion to its packet core network. Packet Core, according to TechTarget, is the framework for providing converged voice and data on a 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network. In plain English (or in my English), it’s the system put in place to help provide voice and data services to consumers.

Basically, Airtel is trying to improve their services across the country and possible so a partnership with Ericsson might just help. TechCity reported that Ericsson’s Evolved Packet Core and other solutions will help improves the reliability and services of the company. This will also make the company more flexible in meeting the demands for new services and offerings.

 “As the Smartphone Network, we are constantly investing to ensure that we deliver on our promise of a seamless broadband experience for our customers. With the completion of the first phase of this project, we have already begun to see the transformation in our networks.” – Awadhesh Kalia, CTO, Airtel Nigeria.

Ericsson on the other hand has promised to deploy “comprehensive, reliable and future-proof suite of solutions that offers quicker time to market of new offerings and superior network performance.”

Ericsson on an Flag…

Well, lets hope this isn’t all talk and partnership will become evident in our services and the offerings the company has for us.

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