Have a conversation with Jumia Bot and let it shop for you.

Thumbs up to Jumia for creating the first e-commerce shopping robot called the Jumia Bot. Jumia has always said that it’s not just a shopping site but a full tech company.

Jumia Bot’s aim is simple. You have a conversation with it via the Facebook Messenger app and it uses you keywords to pull up items from the Jumia website. Like pretty much every Bot on the Messenger app, Jumia Bot it’s powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) which means it uses machine learning to understand what you are looking for and reports to Jumia. After which it brings up items relating to your query. This probably saves you the stress of browsing the entire Jumia catalogue for that item.

Image Credit: Jumia

The Bot can assist users to search for items, make hotel reservations, order food all with just a simple conversation. Once results are found, you will be redirected to the Jumia site to complete the transaction. That is, log into your Jumia account and pay for the item. This could be done by cash when the item arrives or through Jumia Pay; whichever is more convenient for you.

Over time, the Bot will learn to adapt to your requests and preferences through machine learning. Jumia aims to make the the bot your shopping buddy. Making your shopping on the site hassle free.


Ogunleye Adeshola

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