What’s better than regular Polls? GIF Polls!

I simply love Polls. Whether they mysteriously pop up on my Twitter TL or I see them else way like Facebook, for example. And Yes. You can actually create Polls on Facebook even though not many people do.

Facebook probably noticed this and they wanted to make their Poll feature more interesting. To do this, they decided to allow users create GIF polls. It works pretty much the same way regular Text Polls work, except instead of Texts like “Yes” and “No”, you can use GIFs.

The user will simply ask a question like “How are you guys doing today” and can a sad GIF of Anthony Anderson and a happy GIF of SpongeBob as options. You can also create captions for GIFs you’ve used Here’s an example below:

Ogunleye Adeshola

We all the power to change the World. What are you doing with yours? Grown man in a young body but I use that to my advantage.

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